How much can be borrowed?
We can arrange loans from £250,000 to £2m.

What can a secured loan be used for?
Many customers raise money for home improvements, purchasing a new car or buying an investment property and well as some consolidation of finances

How quickly will I receive a response?
You will receive an immediate response acknowledging the enquiry if we receive an application online. A member of the loans sales team will then call to discuss the loan requirements.

What will the loan cost?
This of course depends on how much a customer wants to borrow. Subject to personal circumstances we can arrange loans to suit specific budgets. The loan will be affordable and help improve customer’s circumstances and depending on what the money is being raised for, significantly reduce monthly outgoings.

Can a loan be arranged if a customer has a bad credit rating or County Court Judgments (CCJ’s)?
Yes it can. Having a bad credit rating, historic or current CCJ’s, does not prevent customers from getting a loan. In some instances the outstanding credit may even be cleared directly by the loan company upon completion of the loan. A simple, more affordable loan can therefore assist in reducing customers monthly outstanding credit bills.

Can a loan be arranged if there are, or have been mortgage arrears?
Yes it can. Having historic or current mortgage arrears do not prevent customers from getting a loan. If there are current mortgage arrears then the new loan company will pay off any arrears directly with the mortgage company when the loan completes.

Will I get paid a commission for introducing a secured loan to you?
Yes a commission is paid and the amounts are specified in the commission field in the b
roker section of the web-site.

When will I get paid my commission?
A commission will be paid immediately upon completion.

Can I place Commercial Mortgages or Bridging Finance with you?
Pure Funding Solutions arrange secured loans, Commercial Mortgages and Bridging Finance.

How quickly can a loan be completed?
We aim to complete loans within 21 days. Sometimes this may be slightly longer subject to circumstances outside our control; however in many instances this is significantly quicker. We encourage our introducer and customer to work with us and return paperwork and documentation ASAP, thus ensuring the quickest completion time possible.

Can customers take payment protection cover on their loans?
Pure Funding Solutions are not authorised to sell any insurance related products and make this clear to any perspective customers. Therefore if payment protection cover is required, it is up to the introducer to arrange separately.

This is not a definitive list of FAQ’s however if you have a question that is not shown above,

please do not hesitate to call the team on 0300 303 3305